Connect Easily to Insulated Concrete Forms

The ICF Ledger Connector System is engineered to solve the challenges of mounting wood or steel ledgers to walls built with insulated concrete forms (ICF). This flier provides information on the various products we have to serve the ICF market. The ICFVL is a 14-gauge galvanized steel connector designed to provide both vertical and lateral in-plane resistance. The embedded legs are embossed for additional stiffness and the holes allow for concrete to flow through and around the connector. The exposed flange on the face of the ICF provides a structural surface for mounting either a wood or steel ledger.
See the current Simpson Strong-Tie® Wood Construction Connectors catalog or for additional information.

Installation of ICFVL:
• Snap a line for the bottom of the ledger and mark the on-center spacing
• Use the ICFVL to mark the kerf locations in the ICF
• Cut the kerfs as marked
• Insert the ICFVL flush to the face of the ICF
• Place concrete (min. f'c = 2,500 psi)

Installation tip: Use a screw through diamond hole in face of ICFVL and into web to hold in place during concrete pour (remove prior to ledger installation).

Attachment of Wood Ledger
• Slip the appropriate ledger connector underneath the wood ledger
• Install the eight ICF-D3.62 screws partially into the ledger
• Position bottom of the ledger level to the chalk line and drive the screws through the wood and into the ICFVL
• All screws should be located at least 1⁄2" from the edge of the ICFVL
Note: Do not splice at the ICFVL-W or ICFVL-CW location.

Attachment of Steel Ledger
• Position bottom of the ledger level to the chalk line and drive the required number of screws through the steel ledger and into the ICFVL
• All screws should be located at least 1⁄2" from the edge of the ICFVL
• Space screws evenly

ICF Connectors

  1. Use MAB15Z or MAB23Z
  2. Attach interior partition walls with 1⁄4–14 #3 drill point screws (sold separately) into ICFVL where needed
  3. Use ICFVL to attach ledger to ICF
  4. Use ICFVL-W for solid sawn lumber or ICFVL-CW for LVL
    Note: See drawing below for detail on double 2x ledger
  5. Use IUS hanger for I-joist floor system

Typical face-mount floor truss hangers include, but not limited to, LUS, HUS, HGUS and HHUS.
Attachment of second ledger to be designed by others.

Alternative hanger for solid-sawn floor joist using LUS joist hangers.

Use drill point screws through wood cabinets and into the ICFVL connector.

Plate Connections

Contact us for more information about MAB Anchor Spacing and Typical MAB23 Installation into ICF. For additional corrosion information, see the current Simpson Strong-TieĀ® Wood Construction Connectors catalog or

Truss Connections

Contact us for information about:

  • LTA Lateral Truss Anchor, for High Uplift and Lateral Values, Eliminates Treated Plate
  • H4 for Single Plate-to-Truss Connection
  • FGTR Installation into ICF
  • Typical MTSM20 Installation into ICF

ICF Connectors

General Notes:
1. These products are not intended for use with preservative-treated lumber.
2. Do not splice ledger at ICFVL location.
3. No load duration increase is allowed.
4. Minimum concrete compressive strength (f'c) is 2,500 psi.
5. Use the unity equation when applying vertical and lateral loads simultaneously.
Design Download/Allowable Download + Design Lateral Load/Allowable Lateral Load ≤1.0.

Warning: Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet environments. Accordingly, use this product in dry, interior applications only.

Wood Ledgers - Steel Ledgers

Contact us for information about allowable loads,ICFVL spacing, ledger thickness and more.

Alternative Retrofit Solution for Direct Attachment of Joist to Wall

The HU and HUC hangers are heavy-duty face-mount joist hangers made from 14-gauge galvanized steel. These hangers can be directly attached to concrete wall using 1⁄4" x 1 3⁄4" Simpson Strong-Tie® Titen® 2 hex-head screws. See for more information on installation and use.

Simpson Strong-Tie offers many retrofit products for attaching wood or steel framing members to concrete. For expanded details contact us at (800) 999-5099 and request the current Anchoring and Fastening Systems for Concrete and Masonry catalog, or visit the Simpson Strong-Tie website at

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